An EZ-FLO / Eastman Product
ArmorFlex offers the Flexibility of Foil and the Strength of semi-rigid ducts.
ArmorFlex Offers The Flexibility of Foil and The Strength of Semi-Rigid Ducts.

Rated as Fire Class “0”, ArmorFlex is fire resistant and will not spread flames or smoke, making ArmorFlex safer than most products on the market today.


Flexible yet sturdy. ArmorFlex holds its shape, allowing for an easier installation while positioning your dryer into place without kinking or crushing.


Its patented all metal construction is more rigid than traditional foil ducts making it more resistant to kinking, crushing or puncturing.


In comparison to traditional rigid and semi-rigid duct products, ArmorFlex is extremely flexible, allowing for 90-degree bends in tight installations.

Why ArmorFlex

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ArmorFlex Installation

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